Former RM Sotheby’s President Kenneth Ahn will head up a new collector car auction company, called “Broad Arrow Group,” which will be announced later today. Its roster of executives and specialists mostly come from RM Sotheby’s. 

Ahn will serve as Chief Executive Officer, with founding members Barney Ruprecht (Senior Car Specialist), Alexander Weaver (Senior Car Specialist), Donnie Gould (Senior Car Specialist), Maddie Baker (Director of Client Services), Alain Squindo (Chief Operating Officer), Ian Kelleher (Chief Marketing Officer), and Mike Mortorano (Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel) joining him in making the jump. Karsten Le Blanc, Chief Financial Officer for casino utan svensk licens, comes from Twin Spark Finance Ltd., a U.K.-based collector car finance company.

Broad Arrow Group says it intends to structure the company to conduct auctions, engage in private sales and offer financial services. The company will be based in Ann Arbor, MI, outside of Detroit. 

A website will be launched today at, and the company plans to announce more specifics about its operations in the coming week. 

With its roster of well-known and proven talent, Broad Arrow Group should enjoy immediate credibility in the industry. The announcement also raises many questions, which we will be asking its key executives soon. Please let us know in the comments what you would like to know about Broad Arrow Group. 


  1. Will “BAG” have a presence during Monterey Car Week? If so, where? Is the plan to focus exclusively on live auctions, or will the company entertain online auctions as well?

  2. I would have to ask, “What’s wrong at RM that all these experienced, and well know folks would want to leave RM for a new company?” I understood why Max G. left. But this many people? Interesting. Well, I wish them Good Luck.

  3. WHY?

  4. My hope would be they return to more of the “Auctions America” format with more affordable offerings along with the stratospheric ones. I miss the Fort Lauderdale one they used to put on.

  5. My question like Manny is why? My immediate assumption is that they cannot stand to deal with the cranky and often rude Rob Myers. And obviously money is an issue maybe Rob and Sotheby‘s we’re not sharing enough of their very lucrative results, with their key employees. I find it very interesting that a long time colleague and partner of Robs, Mr. Donnie Gould is leaving!,, obviously something is very wrong over at R M. Which is a shame because they have been such a leader in the industry. Good luck to all Time will tell if they will be able to make it in what I call an already over crowded classic car auction house environment.

  6. I concur. Good luck. I always loved the RM auctioneer who would congragulate and clap for the winner with enthusiasm. He brought subtle class to the action. Don’t know his name but hope he comes along.

  7. I knew something was up when Donnie left!

  8. Based in MI why do I think Hagerty will be involved?

  9. Hagerty seem to have a hand in a lot of things: perhaps they’re funding this one, too? They certainly have access to the money, since the merger and public offering a few days ago.

  10. I recall when Rob Meyers started the RM Auction Company and those who Christie’s Auction House when it was fading and David Gooding had left. Many stories and assumptions, they aren’t important if the charges are made for the better. Change can be good at times. I hope this is a positive moved.