Keith’s Blog: A Clutter of Spiders

Two weekends ago, there were 10 vintage Alfa Romeo convertibles lined up at a rest stop near the Santiam Pass in Oregon. Cumulatively, they represented over 400 years of driving. Each year in April, the Alfa Romeo Club of Oregon puts on the “Old Spider Tour” to celebrate Alfa convertibles […]

Keith’s Blog: How I Bid Online, Part One

Last week I asked about your approach to online bidding. Thank you for your thoughtful answers. I promised in return to share my way with you. First, we have to differentiate between “in the hunt” or “just looking.” Of course, everything tends to start with “just looking.” At any given […]

Keith’s Blog: It’s All About the Rotation

It’s an unintended miracle. At the exact same time that the weather is turning towards sunshine, nearly all our cars are in tip-top condition and ready to go. After I reported on the errant speedometer in the 1972 250C during last week’s shakedown cruise, our technician reminded me that I […]

Keith’s Blog: Break It and Buy It

I’m a believer in “value in use” with old cars. In other words, take them out as often as possible. The more they are used, the better they run. Plus, you get the simple satisfaction of being behind the wheel of your personal time machine. Of course, each time you […]