What is your approach to bidding online?

Some people like to bid early and stay involved clear through the process. Others figure it’s a waste of time to place a bid until the last two minutes.

Do you listen to the trolls or disregard them?

Tell me what your approach is, and next week I’ll tell you mine.


  1. J. Parrish

    If it is something I like I will put in a early bid. If nothing else, it will keep me engaged as there seems to be more input from the auction that could get lost in my day to day activities, with just placing myself in a watching status. I do read through content mostly to see how transparent the seller is as that also helps shape my next levels of effort. I have also reached the point with all of the avenues that are open for selling now, to holding my ground and waiting for the next one to come if I am not completely in love with the car or the deal. Of course I have way to many projects, bad weather and no space in the garage so this helps keep me calm

  2. David Hay

    I engage with the seller privately, and hold any bidding until the last hours. Almost didn’t work on the ’88 928 S4 I purchased via BaT in late ’20. I was second highest bidder (I had a cap on the amount I wanted to bid) and then dealt directly with the seller when highest bidder backed out of buying. Cheers!

  3. Dave Hedderly-Smith

    I’ve bought cars at local/regional public auctions, on-line through local/regional auctions, and on-line through BAT. I usually throw in a bid early to make sure everything is working, ask questions on-line during the auction, and if the price stays low, I may engage the on-line seller directly.

    I stick firm to my limit unless I find something particularly good about the car or model that I didn’t know beforehand. I research the value, and I always “buy low,” realizing that I’ll likely end up “selling low” in a few years.

    If a car gets away because somebody else wanted it more, that’s OK because there’s going to be another opportunity down the line.

  4. Andy Bogus

    I bid early, hoping to snag a bargain, chicken out and never bid again… Mainly, because I don’t have any space to store another car… sigh…

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